1. What is Angular?
  2. Installing Angular
  3. Angular CLI Commands
  4. What is TypeScript?
  5. Creating Angular project and Installing Bootstrap in Angular
  6. How angular works.
  7. Databinding in Angular
    1. String Interpolation
    2. Property Binding
    3. Event Binding
    4. Two way data binding
    5. Using LocalReference (Not a data binding type but can be used to pass data)
    6. Using LocalReference with @ViewChild
    7. Using Getters and Setters
  8. Component in Angular
    1. Parent and Child Component Communication via @Input(), @Output() and EventEmitter
    2. Child to Parent Component Communcation via @ViewChild()
    3. Any to Any Component Communication via Shared Services (Example : Sibling to Sibling)
    4. Event Emitter for cross component communication.
    5. Using subject in Service to communicate between component
    6. A Sample application displaying Parent and Child communication
    7. ng-content Directive in Component
    8. Getting Access to ng-content with @ContentChild
    9. Lazy loading, Eager loading and Preloading.
  9. Adding Modules to an Angular Project
  10. Directives in Angular
    1. ngIf Directive
    2. ngIf with an else Condition
    3. ngStyle Directive
    4. ngClass Directive
    5. ngFor Directive
    6. ngSwitch Directive
  11. LifeCycle hooks in Angular
  12. Service and Dependency Injection
  13. Routing in Angular
    1. Adding angular routing to a project which does not have routing
    2. Routing via app-routing.module.ts file
    3. WildCard Route and Redirecting Routes
    4. Route Parameters
    5. Routing in Child component
    6. Using routerLink in Angular.
    7. Programtically routing to other pages.
    8. ActivatedRoute and Passing Query Paramaters and Fragments
    9. Routing Guard
  14. Observables in Angular
    1. Observables
    2. Creating custom observables
    3. Using Subject
    4. Loading a form page data using Observables
  15. Forms in Angular
    1. Submitting Angular Forms
    2. Passing Data in Forms using ngForm
    3. Understanding Form State Json
    4. Passing Data in Forms using ngForm and @ViewChild
    5. Validation in ngForm
    6. Form Grouping using ngModelGroup
    7. Demo Registration Form
    8. Demo Login Form in Angular
    9. Spinner for Loading
    10. Download a File using Angular and SpringBoot
  16. Angular Material
    1. Add Angular Material to a project
    2. Material Module
    3. Typography
    4. Angular Material Buttons
    5. Angular Material Button Toggle
    6. Angular Material Icons
    7. Angular Material Badges
    8. Angular Material Spinner
    9. Angular Material Progress bar
    10. Angular Material Navbar
    11. Angular Material SideNavbar
    12. Angular Material Menu
    13. Angular Material List
    14. Angular Material GridList
    15. Angular Material Expanson Panel
    16. Angular Material Card
    17. Angular Material Tabs
    18. Angular Material Stepper
    19. Angular Material Input – A form component
    20. Angular Material Select
    21. Angular Material Autocomplete
    22. Angular Material Checkbox and autocomplete
    23. Angular Material Date Picker
    24. Angular Material Tool tip
    25. Angular Material Snackbar
    26. Angular Material Dialog
    27. Angular Material Data table
    28. Reusable Material Data Table as a component
  17. Reactive Forms with Validations (Validation messages on HTML)
  18. Reactive Forms with Validations (Validation messages from TS)
  19. Reactive Forms with Validations (Support for server Side validation)
  20. Cookies, Session and Local Storage in Angular
  21. Pipes to Transform output in Angular
  22. Custom Pipes
  23. Services and Injectable in Angular
  24. Angular Module Loading
    1. Eager Loading.
    2. Lazy Loading
    3. PreLoading
  25. HttpModule
  26. HttpClientModule
  27. Route Guards in Angular
  28. Angular with NgRx
  29. Angular Animations
  30. Unit Testing in Angular
  31. Proxy in Angular