1. What is Angular?
  2. Installing Angular
  3. Angular CLI Commands
  4. What is TypeScript?
  5. Creating Angular project and Installing Bootstrap in Angular
  6. How angular works.
  7. Databinding in Angular
    1. String Interpolation
    2. Property Binding
    3. Event Binding
    4. Two way data binding
    5. Using LocalReference (Not a data binding type but can be used to pass data)
    6. Using LocalReference with @ViewChild
  8. Component in Angular
    1. Parent to Child Component Communication via @Input()
    2. Child to Parent Component Communication via @Output() and EventEmitter
    3. Child to Parent Component Communcation via @ViewChild()
    4. Any to Any Component Communication via Shared Services (Example : Sibling to Sibling)
    5. A Sample application displaying Parent and Child communication
    6. ng-content Directive in Component
    7. Getting Access to ng-content with @ContentChild
  9. Directives in Angular
    1. ngIf Directive
    2. ngIf with an else Condition
    3. ngStyle Directive
    4. ngClass Directive
    5. ngFor Directive
    6. ngSwitch Directive
  10. LifeCycle hooks in Angular
  11. Service and Dependency Injection
  12. Routing in Angular
  13. Routing in child component.
  14. Observables in Angular
  15. Forms in Angular
  16. Pipes to Transform output in Angular
  17. Making HTTP Request
  18. Route Guards in Angular
  19. Angular with NgRx
  20. Angular Animations
  21. Unit Testing in Angular