Data Structure

What is a Data Structure?

  • Data Structure can be defined as the group of data elements which provides an efficient way of storing and organising data in the computer so that it can be used efficiently. 
  • Data Structures are the main part of many computer science algorithms as they enable the programmers to handle the data in an efficient way. 
  • It plays a vitle role in enhancing the performance of a software or a program as the main function of the software is to store and retrieve the user’s data as fast as possible

Why to use data structure?

  • Searching of data for a large data set can cause huge amount of time to find result but using the correct data structure will help to get result in least amount of time.
  • Storing large amount of data a huge processing speed is required, using the proper data structure will help reduce it.
  • Handling a large amount of request will be difficult, but by using proper data structure you can tackle it efficiently.

What all operations can be performed on a data structure?

  • Traversal
  • Insertion
  • Deletion
  • Searching
  • Sorting
  • Merging
DS Introduction

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