Download and setting up git profile

  1. Download Git from following website (
  2. Install the GIt software with default Settings except, select “Use Git from Git Bash only”
  3. Then install GIT all by default options.

Setting up GIT
GIT requires setting up profile name and email
Open up GIT bash and fire below commands to setup git

git config --global "Tyson Gill"
git config --global ""
git config --global core.editor nano
Note : Instead of user name "Tyson Gill" enter you own name and instead of email id enter your own email id.

To increase the performance of your GIT bash you can execute below commands

git config --global core.preloadindex true
git config --global core.fscache true
git config --global 256
set GIT_TRACE=true
#below command should be handled with caution
export PS1='$'

To verify the all the sets run the below command

git config --list

If you need any help with any git command you can fireup the “help” attribute of any command in git using -h or –help attribute, sample below

$ git add -h
usage: git add [<options>] [--] <pathspec>...

    -n, --dry-run         dry run
    -v, --verbose         be verbose

    -i, --interactive     interactive picking
    -p, --patch           select hunks interactively
    -e, --edit            edit current diff and apply
    -f, --force           allow adding otherwise ignored files
    -u, --update          update tracked files
    --renormalize         renormalize EOL of tracked files (implies -u)
    -N, --intent-to-add   record only the fact that the path will be added later
    -A, --all             add changes from all tracked and untracked files
    --ignore-removal      ignore paths removed in the working tree (same as --no-all)
    --refresh             don't add, only refresh the index
    --ignore-errors       just skip files which cannot be added because of errors
    --ignore-missing      check if - even missing - files are ignored in dry run
    --chmod (+|-)x        override the executable bit of the listed files

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