1. What is GIT? (Git offical)
  2. Quick Git Commands
  3. Download and setting up git profile
  4. Configuration files in GIT
  5. Creating a repository and committing files.
  6. Types of files status in GIT and viewing status of files and difference in them.
  7. Comparing difference between files in git(Meld GUI tool)
  8. GIT Ignore and removing files from GIT
  9. Viewing GIT logs
  10. Amending, unstaging and unmodifying files in GIT
  11. Remote repository in GIT (GIT remote)
  12. GIT aliases
  13. GIT Branching
  14. Pushing files to an online repository
  15. GIT Merge
  16. Fetch and Pull files from an online repository
  17. Setting up SSH key for Github
  18. Inside .git directory

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