Google Cloud Platform

  1. Role Description of Associate Cloud Engineer
  2. Setting up a cloud solution environment
    • Setting up cloud projects and account
    • Managing billing configuration
    • Installing and configuring command line interface(CLI)
  3. Planning and configuring a cloud solution
    • Planning and estimating GCP product use using pricing calculator
    • Planning and configuring compute resources
    • Planning and configuring data storage options
    • Planning and configuring network resources
  4. Deploying and implementing a cloud solution
    1. Deploying and implementing Compute Engine resources
    2. Deploying and configuring Kubernetes Engine resources
    3. Deploying and implementing App Engine and Cloud Function resources
    4. Deploying and implementing Data solutions
    5. Deploying and implementing networking resources
    6. Deploying a solution using cloud launcher
    7. Deploying a solution using Deployment Manager
  5. Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution
    1. Managing Compute Engine resources
    2. Managing Kubernetes Engine resources
    3. Managing App Engine resources
    4. Managing Data solutions
    5. Managing Networking resources
  6. Configuring access and security
    1. Managing Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    2. Managing service accounts
    3. Viewing audit logs for project and managed services