Introduction to Spring

Why spring became so popular compared to other java frameworks?

  • Good integration with testing framework.
  • No plumbing code required. (Removed unnecessary repeated code like try catch while making db calls)
  • Flexible Architecture
    • Spring Boot
    • Spring Cloud
    • Spring Batch
    • Spring Data
    • Spring Integration
    • Spring Security
    • Spring HATEOAS
    • Spring Web Services
    • Spring Mobile.
    • Spring Android.
    • Spring Session
  • Staying with the trend.

What is Spring Boot ?

  • Spring Boot is a project that is built on the top of the Spring Framework.

Why Spring Boot ?

  • Spring Boot built on top of Spring so it already has features
    • Dependency Injection
    • IOC
  • Apart from that Spring boot has
    • Auto Configuration – so most things comes with in the box
    • Emdeded Servers like Tomcat
    • Starter JARs. (Necessary JARs bundled in starter pack)

Import Goals and features of Spring Boot :

  • Enable building a production ready application quickly.
  • Provide common non functional features
  • Quick stater project with Auto Configuration
  • Production ready features
    • metrics and health check
    • Externalized configuration.

Spring Boot book online :

More information on Spring Starters :

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