Java – Cryptography

Character Set and Character Encoding

  1. Get/Set/Print the CharacterSet/ChracterEncoding used by the Java
  2. Finding the characters which does not fit a character set.
  3. Idenfiying a chracter set of a file

  1. Providers in java Cryptography
  2. Non Printable Characters
  3. Encoding and Decoding
  4. Generate public and private key pair.
  5. Encryption and Decryption using Public and Private key pair
  6. Creating Digital SignatureVerifying Digital Signature
  7. NTRU Encrypt and Signing using Bouncy Castle
  8. Read a public and private key pair.
  9. Check the properties of a key file in java
  10. Random Number Generator
  11. PGP Encryption and Decryption Snippet
  12. Generating a PGP encrypted file.
  13. Decrypting a PGP file

  • JCA
  • JCE
  • Bouncy Catle

Reference :

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Generating public and private key and loading them

Java Official Tutorial :