kubectl commands


Use "kubectl <command> --help" for more information about a given command.
Use "kubectl options" for a list of global command-line options (applies to all commands).

Available commands for kubectl config

Available Commands:
  current-context   Display the current-context
  delete-cluster    Delete the specified cluster from the kubeconfig
  delete-context    Delete the specified context from the kubeconfig
  delete-user       Delete the specified user from the kubeconfig
  get-clusters      Display clusters defined in the kubeconfig
  get-contexts      Describe one or many contexts
  get-users         Display users defined in the kubeconfig
  rename-context    Rename a context from the kubeconfig file
  set               Set an individual value in a kubeconfig file
  set-cluster       Set a cluster entry in kubeconfig
  set-context       Set a context entry in kubeconfig
  set-credentials   Set a user entry in kubeconfig
  unset             Unset an individual value in a kubeconfig file
  use-context       Set the current-context in a kubeconfig file
  view              Display merged kubeconfig settings or a specified kubeconfig file

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