List Interface

  • List Interface is the child interface of collection interface.
  • Vector and Stack class came in java 1.0 version and List interface along with ArrayList and LinkedList came in version java 1.2
  • Hence Vector and Stack class are also called as legacy classes.
  • We can differentiate duplicates by using index.
  • We can preserve insertion order by using index, hence index plays very important role in list interface.

Features of List, When to go for list

  • Duplicates are allowed.
  • Insertion order is preserved.
  • Size of data is not fixed
public interface List<E> extends Collection<E>{ } 

Implementation Class of List interface are :

  • ArrayList
  • LinkedList
  • Vector
  • Stack extends Vector

Methods of List interface :

add(Object o)
add(int index,Object o)
addAll(int index, Collection c)

remove(int index)

get(int index)
set(int index, Object o)

indexOf(Object o)
lastIndexOf(Object o)

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