Microservices and Rest API

  1. What are microservices
  2. Microservice tools
  3. What is a Monolithic Architecture
  4. Advantages of Microservices, disadvantages and challenges
  5. Monitoring Tools for Microservices
  6. What is RESTful
  7. What is the meaning of OAuth and How OAuth Works?
  8. What is a Proxy
  9. What is CDC (Client Driven Contract) – Client Giving the Contract (Inputs of Rest API)
  10. What the Types of Testing (Bottom, Middle, Top)
  11. What is End to End Microservice Testing (Whole system is tested )
  12. What is Integration Testing (Whole system is tested together with Each other)
  13. What is Schematics Monitoring (Bussiness Cases are Tested)
  14. What is PACT Tesing
  15. What is a Client Certificate
  16. What is a URI
  17. HTTP Methods and idempotent
  18. HTTP Status Code
  19. Concept of Stateless REST
  20. How does HTTP Basic Authentication work? (username:password) base64 encoded

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