NPX – npm package runner

  • npx is a tool intended to help round out the experience of using packages from the npm registry.
  • It greatly simplifies a number of things that, until now, required a bit of ceremony to do with plain npm
  • Since npm version 5.2.0 npx is pre-bundled with npm. So it’s pretty much a standard nowadays.

Advantages :

  • Run commands with different Node.js versions
  • Run a locally installed package easily (npx will check whether <command> or <package> exists in $PATH, or in the local project binaries, and if so it will execute it.)
  • Execute packages that are not previously installed locally.
  • Run code directly from GitHub
  • npx helps us avoid versioning, dependency issues and installing unnecessary packages that we just want to try out.
  • It also provides a clear and easy way of executing packages, commands, modules and even GitHub gists and repositories.

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Advantages :

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