Optional Items ? in Regex

The question mark makes the preceding token in the regular expression optional. E.g.: «colou?r» matches both „colour” and „color”.

You can make several tokens optional by grouping them together using round brackets, and placing the question mark after the closing bracket. E.g.: «Nov(ember)?» will match „Nov” and „November”.

Important Regex Concept: Greediness

The question mark gives the regex engine two choices: try to match the part the question mark applies to, or do not try to match it. The engine will always try to match that part. Only if this causes the entire regular expression to fail, will the engine try ignoring the part the question mark applies to.

The effect is that if you apply the regex «Feb 23(rd)?» to the string “Today is Feb 23rd, 2003”, the match will always be „Feb 23rd” and not „Feb 23”. You can make the question mark lazy (i.e. turn off the greediness) by putting a second question mark after the first.

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