Pushing files to an online repository

  1. You need a Github account.
  2. You need to create a repository and get the URL of the repository. There are two types of URL https and ssh. For this demo we will use https.
    Example : https://github.com/tyson332/DemoRepository.git
  3. Now we need to add the above remote URL into git and give it a name, command to do that is
git remote add <short_name> <repository_url>

You can remove the remote using the keyword remove

git remote remove <short_name>

You can change the url of the existing remote repository using set-url command

git remote set-url <short_name> <repository_url>

You can also rename the short name using the command rename

git remote rename <short_name_old> <short_name_new>

You can check the list of remotes that you have already added using the command git remote -v

git remote add demo https://github.com/tyson332/DemoRepository.git
git remote remove demo
git remote -v

Note : When you clone a repository using an URL it automatically adds the remote for that url under the name of origin which is the default name provided by git.

Now lets push the files to the remote repository using the below command

git push -u <short_name> <branch_to_be_committed>

The -u attribute in the above command signifies that you need to save the configuration of committing files to repository of that branch always, so next time you need to push you can do just a git push and all the combination of repository url and branch is already maintained in the GIT configuration it automatically pushes it for you. You can also check this out in the local git configuration file (.git/config)

You can see these files manually on Github

If you want more details about a remote you can run the command

git remote show <remote> <short_name>

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