Regular Expression (RegEx)

  1. Introduction to regular expression
  2. RegEx engines
  3. Literal Character Search in Regex
  4. Meta-characters in Regex
  5. Character classes in Regular Expression
  6. Dot meta-character in regex
  7. Start of String and End of String Anchors
  8. Word Boundaries Anchor
  9. Pipe Symbol in regex |
  10. Optional Items ?
  11. Use Round brackets for Grouping
  12. Basic Example of Regular Expression (Search for a single word)
  13. Predefined Character classes in Regular Expression (Search for a character that already has special meaning in Regex)
  14. Quantifiers in Regular Expression (Search for number of occurrences)
  15. Questions.
  16. Online Regex Engine1 and Online Regex Engine2

Future Blogs

  1. Repletion with Star and Plus
  2. Named Capturing Groups
  3. Unicode Regex
  4. Regex Matching modes
  5. Possessive Quantifiers
  6. Atomic Grouping
  7. Lookahead and Lookbehind
  8. If and Else in Regex
  9. Adding comments to regex
  10. Free Space in Regex
  11. Regex in Java Script
  12. Flags in regex engine (ignore case(i),global(g),multiline(m),extended(x),extra(X),single line(s),unicode(u),ungreedy(U),Anchored(A), dup subpattern names(j))
  13. Examples