Spring Boot Interview Questions

  • Explain the term ‘Spring Boot’.
  • Mention some advantages of Spring Boot
  • How do you create a spring boot project
  • Explain different types of dependency injection.
  • What are the advantages of micro service?
  • What is the default package in Spring Boot?
  • Explain the difference between an embedded container and a WAR.
  • What is the Spring Boot Actuator?
  • What are the embedded containers supported by Spring Boot?
  • How to configure database using Spring Boot?
  • What is a auto-configuration in spring boot?
  • How to disable specific auto-configuration in spring boot?
  • What is the use of YAML in Spring Boot?
  • How to use a profile with Spring Boot?
  • How the ApplicationContext created by Spring Boot?
  • How to access a value defined in the application.properties file in Spring Boot?
  • CORS
  • How to handle exceptions in spring boot?
  • Exception while performing series of update and insert
  • Can you give an example for ReadOnly as true in Transaction management?
  • javax Bean validation? How do you validate bean
  • What are annotations?
  • On which all objects annotations can be applied
  • Annotations in spring boot that you have used

  • 2 Database to a single spring boot application
  • In how many ways we can send and receive data from backend to frontend
  • Spring security

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