What is SSH?

  • SSH stands for SecureShell
  • It is a communication protocol just like http, https, ftp ect.
  • SSH has different usage like creating files and directories on another computer, installing program, running programs
  • Traffic is encrypted
  • Mostly used in terminal/command line

SSH has Client and Server :

  • SSH client is used to connect to a remote server via SSH protocol
  • SSHD is the server (Open SSH demon)
  • The server must have sshd installed and running or you will not be able to connect to server using SSH

SSHD Config file :

vi /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Authentication Mechanism :

  • Password (Example : ssh tyson@
  • Public/Private Key Pair
  • Host Based (Make an entry in Know Host file and you will be able to connect to server freely)

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