What java 8? What is the intention of java 8.

Objectives of Java 8

  1. To simplify programming: Concise code
  2. To gain the benefits of functional programming in java (Lamada Expression)
  3. To utilize the advantage of parallel processing in java(Parallel streams)

Features of Java 8

  1. Functional Interfaces
  2. Lambda Expressions
  3. Passing functions as parameters or returning a function
  4. Types of Functional Interfaces
    1. Predicate (Predefined functional interfaces)
    2. Function (Predefined functional interfaces)
    3. Consumer (Predefined functional interfaces)
    4. Supplier
  5. Method reference and Constructor reference by double colon(::)operator
  6. Stream API
  7. Interface
    1. Default Method in interfaces
    2. Static method inside interfaces
  8. Java 8 Date and Time API( Joda API)

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