Why java? Features of Java?


Java is a high level, object oriented, robust, portable, multi-threaded and secure programming language.

Feature of Java :

  • Simple : Easy to learn as it follows the syntax of C++
  • Object-Oriented : Grouping methods and properties into a logical group called class.
  • Portable : Java converts (.java) files to (.class) files i.e bytecode which can be easily run on any machine which has JRE installed.
  • Multithreaded : Multithreading comes within the box with java.
  • Architecture Neutral : Java is architecture neutral, in C the size of data types may vary according to the architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) which doesn’t exist in java.

What makes a language object-oriented?

  • Earlier when there was no concept of oops there were only functions and variables, if we changed one function we had to changes the logic of other functions as well since they were all tightly coupled and interlinked.(Called procedural programming)
  • After OOPs came up, we arranged there functions and variables into logical groups and called them methods and properties and the group as a class.(Called encapsulation)

Note :

  • Best functions are those, which does not have any parameters.

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