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How to install youtube-dl (Requires python) using pip

sudo apt-get remove youtube-dl
sudo apt-get install python-pip  
pip install --user youtube-dl  

Update youtube-dl

sudo pip install -U youtube-dl

How to download youtube videos using youtube-dl

cd <directory to be downloaded>
youtube-dl <youtube-url>

Download Youtube Playlist Videos

youtube-dl -i PLC3y8-rFHvwilEuCqFGTL5Gt5U6deIrsU
youtube-dl --download-archive archive.txt -i -f mp4 --yes-playlist ';list=PLC3y8-rFHvwilEuCqFGTL5Gt5U6deIrsU'

Download Youtube Playlist Audio

youtube-dl -x <youtube-url>
youtube-dl -i -x --audio-format mp3  <youtube-url>

Command :

youtube-dl -h //Help
youtube-dl -F <video-link> //Other Formats list
youtube-dl -f 299+32 <video-link> //Other Formats download from the previous list

Documentation of youtube-dl

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